Obesity represents Laziness, Lack of will power and Self Indulgence whereas Thin and Slim Body symbolizes competence, success, control and sexual attractiveness. Development of obesity and management of obesity Is life style associated. Obesity is a complex, multifactorial, and largely preventable disease , affecting, along with overweight, over a one third of the world’s population today . If secular trends continue, by 2030 an estimated 38% of the world’s adult population will be overweight and another 20% will be obese.

Fueled by economic growth, industrialization, mechanized transport, urbanization, an increasingly sedentary lifestyle, and a nutritional transition to processed foods and high calorie diets over the last 30 years, many countries have witnessed the prevalence of obesity in its citizens double, and even quadruple.

Let me share the detailed information on obesity using questions and answers technique.

what is the definition of the Obesity?

 Abnormal growth of the adipose tissue due to enlargement of fat cell size (hypertrophic obesity) or an increase in number of fat cell (hyperplastic obesity) or it can be combination of both.

Obesity is expressed in terms of “Body Mass Index” (BMI).  The Easy way to know what should your wait as per the BMI is Height in cms – 100 should be your weight.  For ex. If a person is of 171 cm height. His weight should be 171-100 = 71kg.

What BMI Range classifies as obesity?

  • BMI < 16.00            grade 3 thinness
  • 16.0-16.99                grade 2 thinness
  • 17.0- 18.49               grade 1 thinness
  • 18.5 -24.99               Normal
  • 25- 29.99                  grade 1 overweight
  • 30-39.99                   grade 2 overweight
  • BMI > 40                  grade 3 overweight  

How we can classify the obesity among the people?

  Obesity among the people are classified with respect to the regional distribution of fat in the body.  There are two body shapes  for the obesity

  • Apple . – There will be more fat on the upper part of the body.
  • Pear shape  – There will be more fat on the lower part of the body .

How Obesity going to define your health. ?

  I would like to explain in the following three sentences for this.

 – Longer the waist line – shorter the lifespan.

Heredity loads the gun, obesity pulls the trigger.

-Don’t live to eat – but eat to live.

What are the epidemiological factors plays role in obesity?

  • Age: can occur at any age, usually increases with age. Infants with excessive weight gain have increased incidence of obesity later in life- hyperplastic & is difficult to treat.
  • Sex: men gain weight b/w ages 29-35 years. Women – b/w 45-49 years
  • Genetic factors
  • Physical inactivity: causes obesity in turn restricts activity – vicious cycle.
  • Psychosocial factors: emotional disturbances – depression, anxiety, frustration and loneliness in childhood.
  • Familial tendency – runs in families
  • Endocrine factors : Cushing’s syndrome , growth hormone deficiency.

What are the Health hazards of obesity?

 The following are the medical complications of obesity.

  •  –Greatly increased-
    • -Type 2 DM,
    • -Gallbladder disease,
    • -Dyslipidemia,
    • -Insulin resistance,
    • -Breathlessness, sleep apnoea.
  • Moderately increased
    • Coronary heart disease.
    • Hypertension.
    • Osteoarthritis
    • Hyperuricemia and gout
  • Slightly increased
    • Cancer
    • Impaired fertility
    • Low back pain
    • Foetal defects associated with maternal obesity.
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