How to Manage Diabetes?

Friends, As you all know Diabetes is a lifelong journey and if you are one, who are part of it, I would say you need to treat this as one of your family member. The common question which my new patients who are entering into this lifelong journey is " How can I manage my diabetes?"  

I would like to share answer to this question in detail below. Prior to that, I would like to share an important information. Full life despite diabetes is possible, if you follow the steps mentioned below meticulously. The Meaning of Full life despite Diabetes is that, you will be equivalent to the normal person and can lead normal life like healthy person if you manage diabetes well. For instance, I have a patient who is into this diabetes journey from last 40 years and yet leading life similar to the person life. At the same time, on contrary , I have patients who has gone to complications due to not managing the diabetes well within 10 years of detection.

First we need to know our Diabetes ABC.

What is Diabetes ABC?

  • A for the A1C Test
  • B for Bload Pressure
  • C for Cholesterol
Knowing your Diabetes ABC will help you manage your blood glucose, Blood Pressure and Cholesterol.

There are 4 Keys to successful Management of Diabetes.  they are 

  1. Eating Right
  2. Regular Exercise
  3. Timely Medicine
  4. Keeping track of your Diabetes
Diabetes Management

1.Eating Right

Food and Diabetes goes hand in hand. They are like brothers and sisters. Need to be taken care cautiously. Knowing how the different foods affect your body and your blood glucose levels can help you to make wise decisions. You can take care of yourself well  by learning what to eat, how much to eat and when to eat.  You can read my another blog "diet and diabetes" to get more insight on this topic. 


2.Regular Exercise

       Physical activities is very important part in managing your diabetes.  When we do exercise, the muscles use blood glucose to produce energy . Exercise also improves the body's response to insulin.  These factors work together to lower blood glucose levels. More strenuous the workout, the longer the effect lasts but even light activities such as housework, gardening, walking etc can lower blood glucose levels. 

Would like to share the calories burnt by a person carrying out the  exercise per hour. Energy  expenditure on various activities are given below. Choose the one which will suites you as per the advice by doctor.

·         Walking =215 calorie

·         Fast walking=400 calorie

·         Cycling=300 calorie

·         Running   600 calorie

·         Swimming=400 calorie

·         Tennis=420 calorie

·         Cleaning and mopping=  210 Kcal/hr

·         Gardening =300 cal

·         Watching TV=86 cal

·         Cycling=15 Km/hr=360 cal

·         Running 12Km/hr=750 cal, 6 Km/hr=356 cal

·         Walking 4Km/hr=160cal

·         Shuttle=348cal/hr

·         Table tennis=245 cals

·         Tennis=392 cals

·         Volley ball=180 cals

·         Dancing=372 cals


Among all the exercises , one of the exercise which I recommend to all is Surya namaskara. Surya namaskara is a wonderful exercise which helps all part  of the body. Below is just a glimpse of Surya Namaskara and its benefits.


3.Timely Medicine

Apart from the above two , the diabetes management plan should include taking timely medicine. Diabetes medicines are designed to lower the blood glucose levels. Depending on the nature of your diabetes, doctors will prescribe the medicines. I would always advise my patient to take the medicine judiciously without fail to maintain their diabetes.

  For Diabetes patients, the medicine might also include for heart - protective medicines, BP medicines. I Always advise patient that people won't forget to eat, but forget to have medicine. One of the key advise to all is that treat medicine is part of your food and along with drinking water at the end of the food, have a medicine with it. 

4.Keeping Track of your Diabetes

Tracking your diabetes via both - timely routine testing and self- monitoring  is most important.  The key aspect of diabetes that needs to be tracked is blood glucose level.  Apart from this, one should keep a track of blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Over the time, these readings will provide an individual and his/her doctor with the information required to manage diabetes better.

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