Diet for Diabetes

Sunday, September 27, 2020

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  After doing lot of research and treating patients, I came up with My own innovative way of communicating the Diet for Diabetics to patients as 3T’s  (TTT) – Tattae Tumba Tarakari in kannada. This in English translate to “A Plate Full of Vegetables” 

 The Diet is the first step to control the Diabetes once it is identified.  Once a person is identified with diabetes, he will have lot of doubts or questions about what are the type of Foods need to eat and which to avoid. This below blog will give a detailed information which will be a bible for you to follow through out your life.

Please keep in mind that Each person with Diabetes is Different. There is no one diabetes diet that can suite all. Normally Doctors suggest Modification of a normal , well-balanced diet based on the nutritional needs of an individual. Individual nutritional  needs is Expressed in terms of total calories, and a ratio of carbohydrate, protein & fat.

 Below is the Energy requirement  in terms of KCAL/KG/Day

Above Calories  is required for the age group of 18 -39 years old.

40 – 59 years old: 5% less

> 60 years old: 10% less

 For Example: 37 years old female, 60 kg,Normal weight,Light activity (clerk).

Energy requirement:    60 kg x 30 kcal / kg / day = 1,800 kcal / day

If the lady is overweight,

        Energy requirement: 60 kg x 25 kcal / kg / day = 1,500 kcal / day

Lets understand the calorie content of the food we take daily. Below gives the details:

1 Chapathi-80 calories

1 Dose=100 calories.

1 Masale Dose=250 calories.

3 small Idles=70 calories.

2 vade=112 calories.

1 puri=150 calories.

1 plate boiled Rice(anna)

1 Ragi mudde-150 Gms.142 calories.

Diet for Diabetes Recommended:

  • Half plate Green Leafy vegetable=20 calories.
  • One spoon Ghee=45 calorie
  • 100ml Cows milk=134 calorie
  • 100ml Buffaloes milk=234 calorie
  • 100 ml butter milk=90 calorie
  • ¾ cup pulses=85 calorie.
  • Plate full of vegetables.

Note: Eating vegetable before carbohydrates will bring down PPG.

Indian foods and the nutritive facts

Lets Understand the Indian foods and the nutritive facts about them. Whether it is good for health is also mentioned so that the reader can benefit in knowing it.

Poori Bhaji-Bad choice

Idli =Good Choice.

IDLI – Good Choice

Ragi Roti=Good Choice

Boiled Sprouts  -Good choice.

Masala Dosa= Moderate choice

Besibele Bhath- Moderate choice

Boiled Egg- Moiderate choice.

Uddina Wada= Bad choice.



Suggested Diet Plan For Diabetes

Diet according to calorie

  • For 1200 calories as a reference Below is the diet plan. The increase in diet to be planned with increase in calorie requirement of the person.
    • Morning 8 am –
      • Two Idli –or two dosa or Upma/Pongal 2/3 cup or one vada sambar
    • At 11am
      • 2 cups of butter milk,.or sugarless milk or lemon juice with out sugar.
    • Noon 1pm
      • 1and half cup rice,chapathi-1,sambar ½ cup, rasam ½ cup, Butter milk one cup.
    • Evening 5 pm.
      • 2 marie buiscuits. Sugarless coffee /tea
    • Night 9 pm
      • 1and half cup rice,chapathi-1,sambar ½ cup, rasam ½ cup, Butter milk one cup.
  • Summary

  • Avoid deep fried food
  • Consume food that is rich in fiber
  • Divide your meals in 3-4 parts, take smaller meals at regular intervals
  • Decide your meal as per the calories advised by your doctor or dietitian



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