Common Myths and Facts About Diabetes

Every one knows that  Diabetes is the Non communicable disease. when i treat patients with the diabetes, they come with some myths which are not correct and the facts about those myths  will be otherwise. hence i thought of sharing the few myths and related facts about the diabetes disease . This will help the readers to understand about diabetes in the right way.  
Managing Diabetes is about avoiding sweet foods
Diabetes management is itself a discipline in medicial field. there is  lot of research happening in the diabetes management.  The Diabetes management is not just avoiding sweet foods. It consists of
  • Eating right food with right quantity at right time
  • Regular exercise
  • Timely taking relevent medicine.
  • Monitoring your blood glucose periodically.
if it is sugar free, can i take it as much as i want?
 Not really . Sugar free doesnot mean the food is free of calories, carbs or excess fat. Infact, Some sugar free foods may have the same ammount of calories and carbs as non sugar free options. Therefore make sure that you consider these information when we want to take the sugar free food.
I just need to check my blood glucose levels once in a while
Monitoring of blood glucose is not just a one-time activity.we need to know that blood glucose will not be constant all the time.  Blood glucose will vary over period of time and depends on the intake of food, exercise, meditation etc. please note that when we record the blood glucose levels over period of time, a pattern emerges. Understanding that pattern will help you and your doctor to make appropriate decisions regarding your diabetic management.
People with Diabetes should avoid eating fruits.
This is the common Myth found in my patients.  Fruits are the good source of vitamins, minerals, fibre and antioxidants. All of these are beneficial to our body. People with diabetes can have some fruits which has low glyceamic load, high fibre foods, provided they keep a track of total amount of carbohydrates consumed.

People with diabetes should eat "Diabetic Foods" Only

Basics of healthy eating remain the same for every body. what one requires to manage diabetes is a healthy eating pattern. The key is to eat a balanced diet. " Special foods or diabetic foods are often unnecessary and generally offer no special benefit. one can instead eat with your family and friends, if you follow your portion guide and eat in moderation
Insulin cures diabetes
Taking insulin helps people with diabetes to reduce their blood glucose levels but doesnot cure the disease. if i advice any patient to take the insulin, he or she has to make up their mind to take it rest of thier life.
Diabetes wont threaten my heart as long as i take my medicines
Even when blood glucose is under control, diabetes are tow times more prone to heart attack and stroke then people without diabetes. Hence, extra precautions such as controlled diet and regular exercise should be part of your dialy routine.
Diabetic nerve damage doesnot impact my life like heart disease does
Diabetic nerve damage has a significant impact on quality of life. 85% of people with painful diabetic nerve damage reported daily impact, 69%reported impact on sleep, 64% reported impact on walking and 56% reported impact on working.
Diabetes is serious but it wont kill me
Think again. According to American Diabetes Association, Diabetes kills more people than breast cancer and AIDS.
Someone with diabetes should not take carbohydrate containing foods.
Carbohydrates are an important part of a healthy, balanced diet. These are the most important source of energy for your body. Carbohydrates provide the body with the fuel it needs for day today physical activity as well as for proper functioning of the body. The best sources of carbohydrates - fruits, vegetables, beans and whole grains deliever essential vitamins and minerals, fibre and a host of important polynutrients. Every person with diabetes hass their own personal threshold for carbohydrates and this tolerance can change with exercise, weight changes or medicine changes.
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