Early Signs of Diabetes

Friends, Every doctor will talk about the problem of diabetes. We the people are worried about diabetes. In fact, the very funny thing is the people, those who are suffering from diabetes, they will not be knowing that they are diabetic for so many years. They will not be having any symptoms. Once when they develop the symptoms, then they will go to a doctor.

 As per the statistics, 50% of the people don’t know that they have diabetes. This is since the diabetes may not have any specific symptoms.

Let me share my experience with the first time they come to me..  once Husband and  the wife came and wife says, my husband is having so much weakness, he will eat so much food, but still he is losing weight. Also, she says he’s having weakness. So kindly examine  the doctor. then Doctor said, let me check the blood sugar. No, no, not blood sugar. Just give a prescription , tonic. But the doctor said, let us examine the blood sugar. When examined found that blood sugar was 300 mg..

Friends to confirm diabetes, Urine examination will not be useful. To confirm diabetes, we have to examine the blood. To test  fasting Blood sugar, atleast eight to 12 hours of fasting is needed. for example. he has taken dinner for the previous night say 8 pm, then morning 8am we take the blood and check for blood sugar..  it is  called fasting blood sugar.

Again, one and a half hours after breakfast food, once again we draw the blood and we examine that is postprandial blood sugar.

   Once First time detection of diabetes is found, there will be lot more questions or doubts in the patient mind.

Let me tell few of the  questions and answers which will be helpful to all.

  • What should be the  Fasting blood sugar level in the blood for a person having diabetes..?

Fasting Blood sugar should not be more than  126 one hundred and twenty six milligrams per cent.

Why? I’m telling 126. Why not 120 130?

There is a scientific reason for it. The World Health Organization says postprandial should not be more than 200. Fasting should not be more than one hundred and forty. But the American Diabetic Association said some of the patients with the maintained with 140 milligram blood sugar still have would develop the complications of diabetes.

So you should be at least 10 percent less than that. So 140 –  ten percent will be 14. So 140 -14 is equal to 126 (one hundred and twenty six). That’s why we asked the patient fasting should not be more than one hundred twenty six.

  • Now what about after food what should be the blood sugar level?

The thumb rule for blood sugar after food is normally defined as after one and a half hours  from  food , Blood sugar level  should not be more than 200.

  • When will be the sugar in the urine will be detected?

If the blood sugar level is more than one hundred eighty, then the urine sugar will be positive .

  • What do you do about diabetes? 

People should understand that once Diabetes is detected, then it is a life long journey with it. We need to consider Diabetes as a family member and live with it.  I see most of the patients who comes to me for diabetes are worried about the complications of diabetes.

  • What are the symptoms of diabetes?

There are six  commonly seen symptoms of diabetes in a person. Its not mandatory that all should be there. It can be one of these symptoms.

  1.  Ployuria ( Frequently going for Urine)
  2. Polydypsia (frequent drinking of water due to thirsty)
  3. Polyphasia (Excessive Hungry)
  4. Tiredness
  5. Weightloss
  6. Sleepiness
  • What are the Complications of uncontrolled Diabetes?

The  complications of uncontrolled diabetes are

  • Retinopathy(Eyes)
  • Neuropathy (Nerves)
  • Nephropathy (Kidney)
  • Cardiomyopathy (Heart)
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Krishna Kumar Hegde
Krishna Kumar Hegde
7 months ago

Very clearly told in a Doctor to patient language

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